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Be sure to include as many facts pertaining to the complaint as possible, including: dates, times and locations of incidents; behaviors of respondent which were observed by you; any statements or admissions made by respondent; full names of any witnesses.

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The Board is a health professional regulatory agency that is authorized to receive HIPAA protected information without a signed authorization, pursuant to Federal Title 45 CFR ยง 164. To view full language, click here.
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Please use the fields below to attach copies of any relevant supporting documents such as patient record including patient name and/or medical record number, incident reports, memos, written statements, narcotic count sheets, Pyxis reports, narcotic audits, urine drug screen results, anecdotal/counseling notes, time cards, pertinent policies and procedures. Alternatively you can email supporting documentation to roberta.poole@osbn.oregon.gov or fax to (971) 673-0683.

NOTE: If your file(s) are larger than 10MB, please fax or email them using the info above.

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